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Improving Your Dancing

When you say you want to improve your dancing what do you actually mean?

Do you want to have better footwork?

Do you want to be able to dance more complicated dances?

Do you want to learn more unusual or newer formations?

Having watched people struggle to improve their dancing skills I am convinced that the only way to truly become a more accomplished dancer is to go back to the basics! By saying that I mean being so proficient and confident about your footwork (in all dance types) that you don’t need to think about your feet, instead you can concentrate on the dance pattern.

How does that happen?

  • By working on step practice in class and not considering it to be a chore but rather an opportunity
  • By observing how others make dancing look easy and beautiful.
  • By working at home, watching videos.
  • Practicing on your own and memorizing the “mantra” for all steps e.g. skip change is “hop, step, close, step” etc.
  • By dancing simple (basic formation) dances foot perfect.

Elevate your dancing this year and be a model for others to follow!

Hazel MacDonald