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Hands - Helping or Helpless?

Helpful hands are a very important part of Scottish Country Dancing.

Some folks may not have the best technique and the most skillful footwork, but we can all have wonderfully, helpful hands. Your hands express the social aspect of dancing, sometimes even define the shape a formation takes, example being circles, and also they direct and guide your partner in the timing and phrasing of a dance.

- ALWAYS use a handshake hold.
- Keep your elbows down and your hands at shoulder height.
- Hold long enough but never hinder the formation e.g. in rights and lefts release hands as you pass shoulders.
- Keep elbows tight for a two-bar turn and lean away from your partner.
- Keep arms more extended for a slower turn.
- Men generally turn palms up and ladies place their hands palms down.
- If you are the middle person in a threesome (e.g. advance and retire) then turn palms up

Dance with your hands as well as your feet.