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Hands Across and Back

This figure is basically a circle drawn on the floor.

The size of the circle is dictated by the length of the dancers’ arms.

The figure usually starts and finishes on the sideline and takes 4 bars of music clockwise and 4 bars back anti-clockwise.

Dancers must start by going round and in NOT in and round, joining hands with the person diagonally opposite.

Note that the 1st lady and 2nd man have to dance almost up and down the side lines at the start, while 1st man and 2nd lady have an awkward movement dancing out to place and finishing facing their partners.

This figure is also referred to as a “wheel”. There should be some tension in the arms to assist dancers especially when dancing in quick time. Dancers remain in the centre of the figure when changing directions.

Hands are given in “shake-hand hold” with the opposite person and usually it is danced right hands clockwise and left hands back anti-clockwise. Dancers take 1 bar to form the circle and 1 bar to break and return to sidelines.

Hazel MacDonald