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Dancing levels - Part II

In the last issue of the Thistle I outlined the requirements for Basic dancing. In this issue I will outline the expectations for Intermediate dancing.

Intermediate has 2 levels - a standard intermediate and an upper intermediate.

Standard Intermediate dancers should be able to dance:
- Reels of three, right and left shoulder
- Reels of four
- Back-to-back
- Balance in line
- Poussette in reel and jig time
- Ladies' chain
- Promenade
- Double triangles
- Diagonal reels of four
- Crossover reels
- Turn corner, partner, corner, partner

Upper Intermediate dancers should be able to easily dance:
- Set to and turn corners
- Set to corner and partner (Hello-Goodbye)
- Strathspey poussette, all around and half poussette
- The Rondel
- The Knot
- Highland Schottische setting step

Intermediate dancers must also have accurate footwork at all times

Advanced and Very Advanced dancing includes more complex patterns and complex teamwork. I will not include them as most of our dancing falls into the Intermediate category.

Dancing is a social event and everyone should be there to enjoy themselves, however we should all be striving to dance at the highest level we can achieve to make dancing beautiful and graceful for everyone.