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10 things you should know about Scottish Country Dancing

Scottish Country Dancing can be a daunting learning experience - especially when all you thought all you had signed up for was social interaction and some exercise! Miss a class, and you feel totally lost!

Here are some thoughts to try and encourage and clarify things: Remember you are not alone! Everyone of us has been there before you.

Try to relax and enjoy the social interaction. Listen to the music and try to keep in time with the different rhythms.

The teacher tries to repeat the same formation in different ways to help you get comfortable with the formation.

The teacher is teaching formations you will find occur again and again in different dances. No- one expects you to learn all of the dances! Dances are usually created by linking several formations together.

The terminology will gradually mean something to you. For example, "set and cast 1 place."" Before you know it, you know what to do.

Although the steps are important, being in the right place at the right time is just as important.

Body language from the waist up is just as important as footwork. Use your hands to help your partner, create an elegant shape, and above all smile!

Dancing is team work and someone usually gives a helping hand to bring you to the right place at the right time.

Each figure creates a pattern on the floor and sometimes thinking of the pattern helps to clarify where you need to go to.