Our teachers contributed many interesting articles over the years to the now defunct club newsletter "The Thistle".
More to come.

Dancing Levels - Where do I fit?

How do I know which level of dancer I am?

Dancing levels - Part II

In the last issue I outlined the requirements for Basic dancing

Improving Your Dancing

When you say you want to improve your dancing what do you actually mean?

Quality Dancing

There has been a whole lot of talk of late about the "quality" of dancing in our Scottish Country Dance classes.

Hands - Helping or Helpless?

How much attention do you pay to your hands when you are dancing?


Effect of Scottish Country Dancing on Bone Health

It would be sensible to propose that Scottish country dance should now be added to the list of recommended activities for women who wish to maintain bone health.

Prevention of Injuries in Scottish Country Dancing

Scottish country dancing is a strenuous activity and, sadly, can cause some injuries.

Cramps and Shin Splints

To continue my series of articles on preventing injuries in Scottish country dancing.

Scottish Country Dance Music

Scottish Country Dances are categorized into reels, jigs or Strathspeys.

Scottish Country Dancing and the RSCDS

Did you know that the Nanaimo Scottish Country Dancing Club is an affiliate member of the Royal Scottish Country Dancing Society (RSCDS)?

The Etiquette of Scottish Country Dancing

Etiquette, like fashion, varies with each generation and with circumstances.

10 things you should know about Scottish Country Dancing

Scottish Country Dancing can be a daunting learning experience ..


Hands Across and Back

This figure is basically a circle drawn on the floor.

Scottish Country Dancing in Peterborough

I have been fortunate to live in two cities with excellent Scottish dancing opportunities!
by Chris Maxwell