Dancing in Nanaimo - Recently added videos

Debbie's Friday class dance The White Cart

The demo team at the Legion dancing Mairi's Wedding

Tuesday class core book

The briefs for dances (with links to videos) that Debbie includes regularly in Tuesday class programmes

Club calendar

- Last Tuesday class Apr 25
- Last Thursday class and AGM Apr 27
- Tea Dance Apr 29


Scottish Country Dancing is a great way for people of all ages to keep active and socialize at the same time.

Its health benefits are widely recognized, especially for bone health and prevention of injuries

New dancers are always welcome. You don't need a partner or any previous experience. Just wear soft-soled shoes and loose comfortable clothing.

This video, thanks to the UK NHS and the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, will give you a good idea of what to expect in a class.


We offer two weekly classes during the regular September to April season
* The Basic/ Beginners class - Thursdays
* The Social class - Tuesdays
Class details ....


Teacher Basic class: Hazel MacDonald. 250-758-6224 or kirko@telus.net
Teacher Social class: Debbie McClelland mccdebbie@hotmail.com
Secretary: John Duffus secretary@nanaimoscd.com
Web site: webmaster@nanaimoscd.com